"I’m not going to get bored with you, you’re like pop rocks. Even after I know all about you and you’re not a mystery any more, you’re still going to be fascinating. And be able to scare me just enough that I’m always a little afraid of you."

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"You wanted a monster, now you have one. The monster you saw me for is the monster I became."

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"I wouldn’t call it flirting, it’s more her putting a gun in my face and then slowly deciding not to pull the trigger. Daily."

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"This is what pride gets you- a world full of enemies, and the ability to not care"

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"Would you please avoid staining the floor with blood again? It’s a pain to wash out" "If you know another way to shoot someone to death I’d be happy to hear it"

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Writing Prompt #190


I saw everything.

I saw the lightening and destruction, felt the thunder and tearing wind, even witnessed the fear and relief as it ended.

But all along, I heard nothing.

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so I gave my nephew a set of avengers cookie cutters and last night they made some sugar cookies with them



most of them came out REALLY GOOD like






and iron man

but then there’s…


captain amerihurr


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“How are you only seventeen?” They said,
“how are you so young but have all this
going on in your head?”

I don’t know,
I really don’t. I can’t explain
to you why I think death is the answer to
my problem, I can’t tell you why I think
soul mates exists because when I met
him it made me believe in something,
and fuck, isn’t that better than nothing?
I can’t speak about the scars on my thighs
because each one of them, according to
you were caused by lies, the lies that I told
myself, that I was too ugly, too fat, too dumb.
I still don’t see them as lies, because god
damn you don’t see myself through my eyes.
I won’t open up to you about how he ripped a
piece of my being away from me that night,
and no, I won’t open up about how every
evening there’s a fight. I will maybe tell you
about my mother, and how she thinks I am
crazy, and strange. I could never tell you face
to face about my suicide attempt, and how
I had it arranged. I won’t talk to you about
anything, nothing, not even over a phone
call. You’ll have to read my writing,
because trust me, it explains it all.

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She’s a beautiful catastrophe trying to find herself in a world that silences different personalities.
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