Be real!!!

Is it so much to ask for people to just be straight up? “Bro, I don’t wanna hang out.” “Dude, I’m just not that interested in you.” “Honestly, I think you’re in the wrong here.” These things aren’t always easy to hear, correct. But they’re necessary. We are coddling society by encouraging a code of soft truths and white lies by encouraging our peers to tip toe over our feelings by avoiding saying what we’re too afraid to hear. And I’m human. I’m not above this. I do it the same. And I’m a hypocrite to post this. But I believe it. If we just said what we truly thought, and we’re just blatant and honest with our peers, we would create a norm. A society built on the blunt, honest to all truth. Eventually we could learn to assess things as being as they are instead of a personal attack. Too often we let ourselves get swept away in trying to decide what others need to be protected from. As harsh as it is, everyone needs to be knocked on their ass a time or two to learn to pick themselves up, learn, and grow. We get so used to softened blows, however that when no one’s around to take the brunt of it, we go down hard, so hard we almost can’t pick ourselves back up. Most of us heard growing up, if you’re honest, you’ll get in less trouble. It never seems it, but it’s true. If you’re honest, I may be upset about it for a bit, but chances are I’m going to be more accepting and forgiving due to the didn’t hide it from me. It’s far fetched, and there’s a lot of unaccounted for variables, but really, just be straight with me. I’m tired of trying to worry about who’s real and who’s fake.

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